Crazy Year

Been a while since I blabbed on about my life…

It is March 2016 and I have been very busy. After college, I figured going to work for the Forest Service would be a good idea, so I went for it. Lived in Challis, and I miss it. However, I realized after doing my job up there for a while it just wasn’t…me. My old supervisor was a big encouragement for me to get back into my music career. I figured, I might as well. I looked into some teacher prep programs, job opportunities, and waited.

In the meantime, depression kicked in. Happy as can be, new father to a baby girl, all of a sudden, sadness. It was beyond awful. That was 2015 for me. I have no idea how I even pulled Standhope off. It was beyond sadness, way worse than that. I could not have done it without my wonderful wife and excellent kids. Without them, it would not have been possible.

I ran a couple races last year, and they went pretty well, considering. RONR, Beaverhead, and WIFMER (now officially retired). Currently signed up for Lincoln No. 9, Pocatello and RONR again, we’ll see if a gnarly 100 is in the books this year. I have run every day since September 24th, and intend to continue that until next September.

Do what you love. After taking a very risky and gutsy decision, we sold our house in Challis, I quit my job, and moved in with the in-laws here in Nampa for a few months while I tried to wrap up my teacher prep program. January showed up and I was about to take a long-term sub job in Hailey Idaho…until I received a very unexpected offer from an elementary school a couple miles away here in town. I am now teaching K-5 Music to 300+ students from a legitimate inner-city part of town. It is a tremendous challenge.


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