Miles, Music, and Babies

Ethan gets a bath. Blackmail for 16 years down the road. Hehe.

It seems that I can’t get more than 5 minutes to myself with homework, “training,” composing, working, and being daddy. Juggling the 5 priorities are exacting their toll on my Keurig coffee machine and Walmart’s coffee supply. I’m barely getting 60 miles a month in right now, but when I do, it’s doing stuff like this or this.  IN OTHER NEWS,  my Senior Recital is coming up.  November 20th 7:30 PM, at the NNU Little Theatre.  I will be playing the Nino Rota Trombone Concerto.  And THAT, is the only piece on the concert I DIDN’T write.  I have a splendid concert band put together to play my contemporary works (some of which, could be inspired by my favorite weekend activities).  I hope you all decide to come and pack the place, because preparing has caused me to lose half my hair (as well as the effects of caffeine on my wrecked senior year body).  Ok, I know why you all are here.  Pictures of BAB-IES.  Well, there you go.


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