Our new baby

We went in Tuesday morning for a checkup, to find that the doctor (Dr. Timothy West) wanted to induce the baby, with Heidi’s kidneys saying “enough!”  So, we went in bright and early Wednesday morning, 6 AM, to start the inducement.  Labor was very hard, and I decided to get Heidi to take an epidural.  She did, and the rest of the day was peaceful.  We got naps in, and around 2 pm it became apparent it was time to deliver.  Heidi only had to push for 30 minutes before Ethan was born.  He doesn’t weigh a whole lot, but is very healthy.  Some pictures below:

Grandmothers in anticipation


It’s cold out here!
Blackmail for later years 🙂
First time with momma’s chest.
The whole family (minus two mutts).
All I have to do is be cute?!


There is nothing more beautiful than this in the world. Anywhere.

4 thoughts on “Our new baby

  1. That’s one good lookin’ son you’ve got there, Ben! And wife too. 🙂 You are a lucky man. Congratulations and all the best in the days to come.

  2. Wonderful, amazing creation of God. I’m so awestruck and in love with the wonder of life. Good job Heidi and Ben with bringing him into this world safely. I love you both and look forward to getting to know Ethan Blessing.

    Grandma Carole

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