Summer enroute

It’s hard to think it’s been a few months since I lasted posted on here, but I’ve been very busy. Jeremy Humphrey and I have been planning away at the transformation of Wild Idaho 100 into the super-scenic IMTUF 100. I’ve been chiseling away at what seems to be this decade-long process of a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Northwest Nazarene University. Heidi and I have been watching her belly grow larger and larger, with a little guy named Ethan James who is going to come visit us in June.

The running front has been good too.  I had a good little “training run” (~73 miles) at the Pickled Feet 24 Hour at the end of March.  Since January, I’ve been hitting the track for speedwork every week, and have set several new PRs for the 400m (:74), 800m (2:42), mile (5:28 track), 5k (19:22), 4 mi (24:46), and 10 mile in hopes of running a sub 3 hour marathon at the National Guard Marathon May 6th.  The training is going solid, all I can hope for is a perfect race day.

I’ve got summer school, hopefully I can find a little work along the side, the purely insane Millwood 100 July 5thish, and hopefully some good old mountain running before the fall semester.

A little music for ya:


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