Wild Idaho Endurance Runs

Without a break, it seemed, from last year’s event, we arrived back at Boiling Springs Campground for the 2nd annual Wild Idaho Endurance Runs.  As well as continuing the 50 mile and 50 kilometer races, we added a truly monstrous 100 mile race, with over 31,000 ft of climb.  The 100 miler started August 5th at 6 PM, with a cushy 40 hour cutoff.  The 50 mile and 50 kilometer races started the following morning at 6 AM.  Leading the 100 mile race was Wayne Rancourt of Boise, ID and Mike James of Billings, MT through mile 23.  Rancourt took off after that, never looking back.  He has done quite well at numerous events, and was the pre-race favorite for the win.  Whenever he passed through the aid stations, many volunteers commented on how good he looked-which I found incredible considering the brutality of the course.   He won in 27:41, with 2nd & 3rd finishing together several hours later.  The 50 mile and 50 kilometer races looked to be quite exciting, with almost double our numbers from last year.  Hugo Martinez of Caldwell, ID won the 50K in a time of 6:30:15, with Jeremy Humphrey of McCall, ID breaking the course record for the 50 mile by 100 minutes-9:37:21!  He had no contest, despite international entrant Martin Chinchilla Gioia from Chile and last year’s winner Tony Huff being in the pack as well.

The course was hot and tough and proved to be a nemesis for all.  with many people finishing the 50 mile in the 17 hour range, Wild Idaho has proved itself to be a worth opponent to all who dare challenge it.  The extreme change in altitude as well as the hot August heat are taxing on everyone who wishes to tackle the course.  If you are looking for the challenge that will suck you dry, this is the one.  Come earn your Louisville Slugger next year!


One thought on “Wild Idaho Endurance Runs

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