Wild Idaho 50 Mile/Kilometer Endurance Run

August 7th, 2010 marked the 1st running of the Wild Idaho 50 Mile/Kilometer Endurance Run.  I had racers starting at 6 AM in anticipation of many late finishes.  With over 15,000 ft of climb in the 50 miler and 9,200 ft of climb in the 50K, I was expecting most people to finish in the late afternoon and well into the evening.  My predictions were not too far off from the actual results.  Mark Austin, 26, of Meridian Idaho took off from the start and didn’t seem to have much competition in the 50 Kilometer race.  I was anticipating 1st place in the 50K to finish in the 5 to 6 hour range.  He blasted through the course in a solid 6 hours, 14 minutes and didn’t seem too fatigued by the end of the race, which leaves me wondering what he was eating for breakfast.  2nd place was Mark Hutchinson, finishing in 6:47.  Most finishers in the 50K did the run in the 9-10 hour range.

Contending for the win in the 50 mile was Tony Huff and Wil Wood, both natives of the Treasure Valley.  Wood help the lead headed up to East Mountain but was overtaken by Huff’s experience in the later portions of the race.  Huff won the race in a time of 11:17, with Wood taking 2nd honors in 11:37.

I created the event and held it in August to ensure maximum cruelty of the elements.  Along with the long climbs and heat, the WIFMER is bound to be one of the toughest (if not the toughest) 50 milers in the nation.  Most runners had a lot to say about the difficulty of the course.  They also praised the volunteers and the support they got along the way.  For a 1st time event and a high finishing rate (93%), the odds are that many will return to the race next year.  If you were holding out-now is the time to consider testing yourself against the run.  Thanks to all the support and sponsors for making the race possible!

Mark Austin M 6:14
Mark Hutchinson M 6:47
John Odle M 6:59
Lisa Weinreich F 7:24
Darian Apollo M 8:04
Robbie Woog M 9:07
Jeffrey Vieyra M 9:22
Susane Tardiff F 9:31
John Priester M 9:44
Mack Varner M 9:48
Brad Seymour M 9:51
Heather McGriff meeks F 9:54
Doug Trees M 10:06
Donna Braswell F 14:18
Jon Kinzer M 9:58*
David Meyer M 14:03*
*Dropped from 50 mile      
Tony Huff M 11:17
Wil Wood M 11:37
Jordan Ward M 11:50
Paul Lind M 12:02
Matt Olding M 12:11
Pat Berg M 14:03
Brian Snyder M 14:36
Lynette McDougal F 15:42
Charles Francisco M 16:14
Sam Collier M 16:24
Emily Berriochoa F 18:05
Dennis Ahern M 18:05

One thought on “Wild Idaho 50 Mile/Kilometer Endurance Run

  1. Hi Ben, I just found your blog after checking out the Wild Idaho site. I’m in Nampa and looking to do the 50k or 50 miler at the Wild Idaho race this August. I look forward to reading more about your running and perhaps we could meet up for a tromp through the Owyhees this spring or summer.

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