The Unknown Distance

Today in the Treasure Valley it is 62º F. After several weeks of very little running, I could bear the tension no longer. I ripped my pants off and threw on the short shorts. After a very productive band rehearsal, I grabbed my water bottle and flew out of the building. The landscape flowed seamlessly by. I ran by the track to see Joe Lovell with a trash bag in hand, and smiled to think that for once I was getting my run in when he wasn’t ( I give a lot of credit to the kid, he’s much faster than I). I flew down Lake Lowell Ave, and hooked up with the Nampa Greenbelt. It was almost like being in paradise. The ducks were all, err, in a good mood, we should say. That put me in an even better mood. I pushed the pace even harder. My lungs begged for mercy, and I said “NO WAY! I OWN YOU!” They continued to complain for the rest of the journey. I felt like a rockstar out on the street, everybody staring and smiling, reflecting my countenance. As I re entered the campus grounds, a feeling of accomplishment and delight overswept me. I have no idea how far I ran, or how long I was gone. All that matters is the experience you get when it happens. It’s an act of joy for me to glide across the country, seeing all the great sights I enjoy so much. It is this joy that allows me to enjoy the act of ultra running when some people would rather sit on a couch at home and watch their favorite sitcom. What have you done today to liberate yourself from the dreariness and monotony that is comfort?

2 thoughts on “The Unknown Distance

  1. Nice post- but I just wanted to point out that Joe and the rest of us got our runs in before we picked up the leaves on the track 😉

    1. I’m a BIG fan of community service. Especially runners doing community service. A lot of my races I run require some resemblance of it, and many of the country’s biggest 100 milers require a full day of trail work. That’s part of the reason that I am putting on my own trail race this August. Part of it is providing runners with a great test of endurance, the other is to give back to the ultra community I have grown to be so much a part of. Boy, it’s so good to be back on my feet again!

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