Lincoln Marathon

As always, I am invited by the great State of Idaho to participate in the National Guard time Trials in Lincoln, NE. This year I was looking for a PR. I knew with the added ultra efforts and 3 100 milers under my belt, I would be able to run strong the whole race. I kept my hopes up as the weekend temperatures stayed relatively cool. However, it was humid that weekend in Nebraska, and a touch too warm for my comfort. I didn’t think that it would slow me down too much, though. Sunday morning I woke up at 5:30 AM for plenty of time to get ready and eat breakfast. I was out the hotel door at 6:15, and found it to be pleasantly warm already. No good for performance though, as we all know that a good race is really hampered by warm temperatures. when I started the race last year, I found it to be very chilly, about 40*F at the beginning of the race, keeping the temperatues at PR levels until the finish. I got to the race start, and found the 8 minute pace group, where I milled and sat down for the count, waiting patiently for the race to start. 5 minutes out, the wheelchair athletes started. Then our gun went off. I had to stop for a restroom break in the 1st mile, but managed to clock a 7:53. Way too fast for a slow dog like me, so I backed the pace off. I made a point to run comfortably until the 1/2 marathon mark, then I would up the game dependent upon the conditions of my legs. I hit the 10K mark in 55 min. Lincoln has a reputation for being a hilly course, but for a strong mountain runner, I do believe this does well for my advantage. I hit the 1/2 marathon mar in 1:52, and not too sure if I could hit my PR. I would need some serious power if I was to hold the pace. My legs really started to tire, and by mile 15 I was convinced I would have an awesome fade to the end of the race. I did my best to hold tempo though. I hit the 20 mile mark in 2:50. The race is very manageable at this point, when you realize it is only a 10K. I really hammered, putting it all out there. I was passing people left and right, and feeling good about my performance. I came around to mile 25, and really busted a gut. I did the last mile in 6:45, clocking the last 10K in 49:43. Even with a time of 3:39:56, I was very pleased with my performace, and the incredible splits I had. 1:52/1:47!!! Next year I will train very hard for the race, and am going to run a sub 3:20.


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