Not too great

I went into this race on an urge from my sponsors at The Pulse. Seeing as this would be just 2 weeks after my 24 hour, I knew that I would be in bad shape for this one. Reluctantly, I agreed. However, this would put me closer to my goal of finishing the Oregon Trail Series, a big goal of mine for the next 2 years. I took off on Saturday with local ultramarathoner Theresa Schut, making great time on the trip from Boise. Got set up with The Pulse and their Condo in Redmond, OR, and had a big pizza and spaghetti dinner. Didn’t sleep too well, and was up at 4 AM. We all got to the race site at 6:30, as the other 4 from my group were doing the early start for the race. 20*F outside. My race started at 8, and it wasn’t much warmer. I was actually feeling pretty good for the 1st 10 miles, and moving at a pretty healthy clip. However, my legs deteriorated quickly, and felt like mile 25 at mile 15. To discourage even more, my stomach took a pretty sour turn at this time. My energy flagged. The course was very beautiful though!! That helped to keep me going. It also warmed up. This also led to my poor performance, as the one 20 oz. bottle I had did not stay filled in between aid stations. I grew dehydrated. Got over The Grunt, and fell on some ice. Got blood all over my jersey, and got pumped up from this. The race wore on. After I passed the turn-off for the 30Kers to finish, I started up this long grinding uphill climb. this was part of a 7.6 mile stretch without aid. Without water and any cover from the now ensuing heat, I faltered pretty badly. The climb took forever. I got to the top though, and was greeted by shade and the 27.6 mile aid station. Kathy Harshburger’s yams and pierogis really hit the spot! I rehydrated as best I could, and was off. The next section was this easy undulating downhill. I made good time, and about the same time I ran into Glenn Tachiyama taking pictures. This section was so scenic. I was loving life, and the food I had eaten put new life into me. I ran hard to the finish, with a time of 6:25. I had died, but come back to life, which was a big success for me. I put the body through the crucible, and it had held up. Today I am walking fine and have recovered nicely, which shows I am getting very strong. Everyone from The Pulse finished. Not too great, but not too bad either.


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