My hopes going into this race were extrememly high.  My last 24 hour race did not go so well, due to the fact that the temps soared during the day, and plummeted over 50 degrees that night.  At Pacific Rim, the temperatures hovered in between 50-35*F the whole time.  Due to this, I was able to maintain a much faster pace during the duration of the event, while led to a more productive run and very efficient body temperature.  I started out the morning as usual, getting my gear, canopy shelter, and drinks ready.  Saying hello to new and familiar faces.  I definitely remember feeling the pent-up energy being almost too much to bear.  Not going on a run for 3 days left me like a caffeine addict without his fix, and I needed mine soon.  RD said ‘Go!’ and I was off like a shot.  Clocking the 1st mile in 8:04 put me far ahead of everyone.  Thanks to CW-X, I felt like it was a pace that would tear me apart in the later stages, but was easy and very quick.  I hit the 7 mile mark in 1:03, 13 mile mark in 2:00:30.  I started to slow after this.  I kept 1st place for most of this time, until Tony Covarrubias passed me at about the 10 mile mark.  Still, I held a solid pace.  Hit the Marathon mark at about 4:13, and 50K at 5:09.  I was feeling really good.  Started to hit a rough patch at about 35 miles, but that dissipated quickly when I saw my best buds from Boise arrive.  Mark Johnson and Jordan Anderson were going to help crew for me during the nighttime portions of the race.  The legs grew weary, but I held strong.  I broke my 40 mile PR by 19 minutes, with a 6:56:00.  10:24 per mile, which really boosted my spirits.  Nothing really major hit yet, which was a surprise.  Usually by 40 miles I am feeling rather crappy.  2 hours later, I was rewarded with yet another PR at the 50 mile mark, an 8:58:00.  10:47 per mile.  Things were moving extremely well in my favor.  Please note that I have not received the official race results yet.  I will post them when I get them.  Lots of data for the RD to manually input.  Broke my 100K record by 45 minutes, at 11:30.  Stopped a little before 12 hours with 64 miles for my 1st real break.  My dad cooked up these vegetables, rice, and chicken that was just phenomenal.  He was pumped up.  I was pumped up.  My friends were pumped up.  I didn’t want to sit down long, so my table manners failed.  Gobbled the food down, and continued to hammer.  I couldn’t beleive how incredibly good I felt.  There was too much “pumpness” in the air for 65+ miles.  I decided to run harder.  I did.  I kept on cranking the miles out, sometimes running the entire loop.  The night grew cold, my energy stayed up, I had my tunes going, and was really just having a blast.  I was averaging 4-4.2 miles per hour.  Not that fast, but we all know slow and steady wins the race.  Joe Lee, good friend and ultrarunning comrade,  amazed me.  That beast never slowed down.  He caught up with me at the 50 mile mark, and continued to rack the miles up.  I knew going into the race he was going to have a good one, so I did my best to cheer him on.  Tim Englund was having a good run too.  I had settled into 6th overall, with Tim, Joe, Tony C,  Dave Stevenson & Van Phan all ahead.  The night wore on.  I hit my really low mark at about 5 AM when my caffiene ran out.  I think Dave S ran ahead and had my buddy Jordan get some coffe ready for me.  I hit that sleeping wall, where I could barely keep a straight line and was all over the run path.  But that lasted for only 1/2 a lap.  I was at mile 97.  I said “maybe I will take a break at 100.”  The sun started to come up, and I felt it’s rejuvenating effects.  My dad and good friend Jordan got the cameras ready, and at 6:40 AM, 21:40 into the race, I bagged my 3rd 100 mile run.  I was so happy!  So happy in fact, I didn’t even stop to walk.  I kept running.  I had just over 2 more hours, and I though I could get another 7-8 miles in.  It started raining, and that drove my concentration even deeper inside.  I finished the race with 110 miles, which was good enough for 5th OA.  God granted me with a great run, and for that I am extremely grateful.  It was great seeing other runners like Bob Lynes & Willie Holmes hang tough the whole time.  Leif, good on you for getting back out on the race course like a trooper.  Congrats to Tim and Lisa, looks like the relationship has made you two a wicked fast couple based on your matching plaques.  The was an awesome run everyone, thanks for such a great day.


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