CW-X man

Alright so-
I drove to Portland Friday afternoon. Not bad roads, and the snow was very beautiful on the way over there. Got into St. John around 5 PM, just perfect for rush hour traffic. Got up the next morning at 5 AM, and went and got some breakfast. When I got back at 6:30, Mike Burke and one of the volunteers were setting up already. I got my bottles filled, and before I knew it, the race was starting. I let out a war whoop to make sure that all the neighbors were aware of Ben Blessing doing a race next door. I quickly found myself in 2nd place, doing about 8-8:15 miles. I tried to slow down a bit, but my new CW-X tights had other plans. I held steady at 8:45, and clock 1:02 for the 1st 7 miles. The course was very beautiful! Not a bad venue for a fixed time race, but the hills rolled quite a bit. I would definitely say 100+/- ft per loop. Steve Walters and this young gal passed me, and that is where I felt into a comfortable 4th for a while. the 2nd hour passes, and I was holding strong. I hit the 1.2 marathon mark at about 1:56, 8:52/mi. Ben Lee passed me here. I did not falter though, and felt great. Olga was yelling at me to slow down and eat, so I did the latter. I broke 20 in just under 3 hours. I was amazed at how well I was doing, and didn’t seem to be losing any energy. That Sustained Energy and Perpetuem mix really seemed to be doing the trick! I hit the marathon mark in 3:54, at 8:57/mi. OK, I was starting to burn here. The undulating hills were starting to take their effect, as well as the marathon mental barrier starting to say SLOW DOWWWNN!! I continued to hammer though, knowing that if I could keep the speed up, I would break 4:50 for the 50K mark. I pushed harder and harder, hoping to be able to take a break after the 50K mark, and still make my goal of 36 miles. I really powered my overworked calves and quads at mile 30, and blasted my 50K record away by 39 minutes, with a 4:45!! I sat down for 20 seconds, the only break Olga would let me get away with. I opted to take a break until I was finished, and averaged 11:20 miles for the rest of the race. I cruised in at the finish with 37 miles, at a 9:30 pace and 6th overall. Good job to everyone out there! Everyone in the 6 hour ran the whole time. Way to hang everyone. Well, next up is Pacific Rim next month. I’ve got a feeling that it is going to be an incredible race! Here are the final results:
1. Pam Smith 42 miles, 5:53
2. Geoffrey Donovan 41 miles, 5:58
3. Dave Stevenson 39 miles, 5:54
4. Joe Lee 39 miles, 5:56
5. Cary Miller 38 miles, 5:48
6. Ben Blessing 37 miles, 5:54
7. Steve W. 36 miles, 5:51
8. Benjamin Lee 36 miles, 5:57
9. Steve Barrick 34 miles, 5:59:50
10. Lori Jensen 33 miles, 6:00
11. Scott Glazer 32 miles, 5:54
12. Jamie Gilbert 32 miles, 5:55
13. Mercedes Watson 31 miles, 5:58
14. Del Scharffenberg(63) 31 miles, 5:59
15. Pat Larkin 25 miles, 5:51
16. Bob Lynes (70) 25 miles, 5:53
17. Amy Lynes 19 miles, 5:59


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