Leon’s Fat Ass Recovery from the Holidays 50K

Alright, it’s not quite a 50K. More like 28 miles. Still, a very tough 28 miles, as it takes me 7:30 to finish it. That morning when I arrived, it was 19*F outside. We all got going at 7:30 AM. The front runners all took off in a group, and I just went at my own easy pace. DJ and this other runner followed me. When we got to Three Bears, I took a wrong turn and ended up traversing these steep slopes before we got to the next intersection, where Leon was waiting at. I took a short aid break here and had a McSkillet burrito. Scrumptious! I was feeling good. The day wore on, the trail was not too kind. Lots of ice. I left the other runners behind, as I was feeling good. I caught up with these 2 older ultra runners, and passed them. A couple miles after the intersection with Trail One, I met up with the frontrunner. I was surprised at how quickly he was moving, seeing as he was already 6 miles in front. Scott Mclellan and Paul Lindauer were not to far behind. I ran hard to the turnaround, where I stopped to eat another burrito and make good use of the facilities. On my way back, I met up with DJ and the gentleman I had been running with earlier. DJ was dropping at the halfway point. Leon was way in the back, and I met up with him about a mile from the turnaround. The day dragged on, and it felt like an eternity before I got to the end of trail one. I still felt pretty good. About 17 miles in, the all-too-familiar-feeling said hello to my legs, but it never got too bad for the rest of the run. I revisited all of the steep downhills with the pleasure of grinding uphills. I felt like I was going nowhere. Finally after what felt like an eternity, Rocky Canyon raod was in sight again. Running quickly and smelling the barn, I reached the end of the pavement at 3:15 PM. Later that day, my buddy Andrew stopped by my house, in town from Illinois. Not a bad day on the trail.


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