2009/2008 overview

Well, in light of my 2008 race season coming to a close, lets look at the stats:

  1. Leon’s Fatt Ass 50K Jan 26th-7:30
  2. Hagg Lake Trail Run (50K) 2/23-5:23:24
  3. Moab 24 Hr 3/28-64.4, 15:45
  4. Race to Robie Creek 13.1 4/19-1:51:52
  5. Lincoln Marathon 5/4-3:34:06
  6. McDonald Forest 50K 5/10-5:49:55
  7. Famous Potato Marathon 5/17-3:43:19
  8. Coeur D’Alene Marathon 5/25-3:40:50
  9. Shafer Butte Endurance Run (52.4) 6/7-11:26
  10. Sawtooth Relay 100K 6/14-12:07:14
  11. Mt Hood PCT 50 mile 7/26-9:37:36
  12. Foothills XC12K 8/2-1:00:31
  13. Cascade Crest 100 8/23-28:55:20
  14. Plain 100 (DNF) 55mi 9/13
  15. City of Trees Marathon 10/5-3:43:50
  16. San Francisco One Day 10/25-70.3 miles
  17. Ultracentric 48 Hour 11/14-103.5 miles

As you can see, it was a busy year.  I caught the ultramarathon bug and ended up spending over $1300 for race fees and over twice that amount for travel costs.   2009 will be much less taxing, and much more time will be spent on base training.  I intend on the following races:

  1. Leon’s Fat Ass 50K-January
  2. Pacific Rim 24 Hour-March
  3. Lincoln Marathon-May
  4. Watershed Preserve 12 Hr-May
  5. Shafer Butte Endurance Run-June
  6. Wonderland Trail Run-July
  7. Silver Rush 50 Mile-July
  8. Plain 100+-September
  9. Sisters Poker Run-October
  10. ATY-December

New goals:

  1. Sub 3:30 Marathon
  2. Sub 24 Hr 100 mile
  3. Plain 31 hour finish
  4. 48 Hour 150 mile
  5. 70+ mile week average

We will see if the #’s can add up.


4 thoughts on “2009/2008 overview

  1. Wow, that’s an impressive list.

    So envious that you got to do Robie Creek! I’ve only run it once, and am semi-obsessed with running it again at some point when I’m not working weekends.

    1. Yeah, it was a lot of fun, but I hated the registration. It took me 3+ hours to register for the stupid thing, and less than 2 to actually finish it. So I guess what I am saying is I will just be working the aid station this year with my sponsors. Hope to see you there Clover!

    1. Yeah, I noticed my speed diminishing over the course of the year due to lack of recovery and a high op tempo. I need to take it easy, now that I got my fill at supper. This next year will be dessert, I think.

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